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New Post 4/16/2014 9:17 AM
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AerScreen Run Un-Successful 
Modified By kspangle  on 4/16/2014 9:18:27 AM)

Just installed AerScreen and tried running it for the first time...

After all the seasons' flow sectors are processed, I'm seeing this:

**Output is written to


forrtl: severe <66>: output statement overflow record, unit -5...

(I can't resize the window to read the rest). Then there are 5 columns with the headers:

Image, PC, Routine, Line, and Source

Aerscreen is paused so I hit enter to continue and get an error message:

Problem running AerScreen. AerScreen Run Un-Successful. Display AerScreen Log File?

I still get an output file with concentrations and a maximum impact summary. The sector graph is a perfect circle, which doesn't seem right. I'm using downwash and no terrain.

I don't see any error or warning messages in the log file, the last few lines read:

Processing wind flow sector 360

 AERMOD Finishes Successfully for FLOWSECTOR stage 2 Autumn sector 360

    ********   WARNING MESSAGES   ********                                                         
               ***  NONE  ***                                                                      

FLOWSECTOR   ended 04/16/14 08:51:18

REFINE       started 04/16/14 08:51:18

 AERMOD Finishes Successfully for REFINE stage 3 Summer sector  20

    ********   WARNING MESSAGES   ********                                                         
               ***  NONE  ***                                                                      

REFINE       ended 04/16/14 08:51:19

Any ideas as to what is going on?

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  BEE-Line Software Forums  AerScreen  AerScreen Suppo...  AerScreen Run Un-Successful
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