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  BEE-Line Software Forums  Professional Ca...  CalPuff Support  How to set up a restart
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New Post 10/13/2009 5:36 PM
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How to set up a restart 

I've done this before with ISC and with AERMOD, but have never been able to get CALPUFF restarted from a restart file.

Do I need to edit the input file in any way? I'm very familiar with DOS editors and with runniing the programs from a DOS environment.

Ive talked to state modelers, experienced modelers at other companies, and never run across anyone who has used this feature with CALPUFF. I've been running jobs that take several days (50+ sources, several thousand receptors), and when a run crashes and has to start over, it's very frustrating to know that I've created a restart file but cannot use it for its intended purpose.

Margie Klitch (mklitch at air-resource dot com)




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  BEE-Line Software Forums  Professional Ca...  CalPuff Support  How to set up a restart
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